HICCS 2016

This paper examines the viewing experience of a new social experiment that combines videos with text messaging technology called Bullet

HCII 2016

Congratulations to Mina and UMASS MQP team (Abi, Jen, Tyler, and Kayla) for the acceptance of their paper “Text Simplification

ICIS 2015

Congratulations to Mina for the acceptance of her paper “Shojaeizadeh, M.**, Djamasbi, S., Trapp, A. (2015) Does Pupillary Data Differ

GRAD, i3 & AMCIS 2014

Congratulations to Jing, Wenting, and Zaozao for their success at GRIE competition. Congratulations to Zijing for her success at GRIE

GRAD, i3 & AMCIS 2014

Congratulations to Sia, Divya, and Pat for their success at GRAD 14 and i3 competition and to John, Anny, and


March 2014 was a yet another very productive time for the UXDM lab with four graduate research projects. Congratulations to