Innovation with User Experience, Interdisciplinary Ph.D. position at UXDM:

Emphasizing on a balance between theory and practice, the UXDM ( interdisciplinary PhD in Information Technology (IT) focuses on innovation with User Experience. Currently, we are especially looking for candidates who are interested in data-driven experience design for human technology symbiosis that addresses user needs.

In addition to meeting admissions criteria, it is expected that the ideal UXDM Ph.D. applicant will have:
· A proven fluency in design, development, and implementation of mobile and web based applications.
· A proven fluency in programming, scripting, and/or project experience with large datasets.
· Knowledge of machine learning methods and algorithms and project experience in these areas.
· Master level qualifications in computer science or a related technical field.
· Excellent potential for creative work and very good communication skills.

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Internship position at UXDM:

UXDM interns are expected to be independent, dedicated and hardworking willing to work on various UX projects. They expect to have a vivid enthusiasm for knowledge, discovery, and solving problems and be committed to UX research and development. We accept application for only those students who can stay with the laboratory for at least a year and half and are able to train their replacement during the last months of their internship at UXDM.

Interested PHD/Intern applicants must fill the below form with a Statement of Purpose and Resume.

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