1. Congratulations to Mina Shojaeizadeh (Detecting Cognitive Load Through Eye-Movements: A Machine Learning Approach) for making into final round at GRIE 2016!
  2. Influence of Graphically Presented Reviews on Product Purchasing (Amazon), co-authored with Neehar Munke (MSIT) and Feiyi Wang (DS), Winner of the first prize in the Business and Social Science division, GRIE 2016, WPI, April 2016.
  3. Zijing Zhang, Minal Goyal, and Daiyang Hu (The Role of Expiration Dates in Grocery Shopping Behavior: An Eye Tracking Investigation) participated at GRIE 2016!
  4. Wen Liu (Density-Centric Fixation Detection in Gaze Data: Optimization-Based Formulations and Algorithms) participated at GRIE 2016.